auto start tunslip on the beaglebone black board

auto start tunslip on the beaglebone black board

Tunslip is a tool from Contiki
allowing to create a SLIP tunnel between a “physical” serial
port and a “virtual” network interface (tun).

SLIP is a
Serial Line Protocol which encapsulates the IP protocol. You can use the
tunslip tool in Contiki to create and bind virtual IP interfaces (tun) to the
serial port.

This virtual interface will be
used like a real network interface: tra‑ffic forwarding, Wireshark analysis,
etc. While the “tun” interface driver is available out-of-the-box under Linux,
it requires the installation of a kernel extension for Mac OS X (see the TunTap project) and is not
yet supported officially. Windows also lacks a tun/tap driver by default and we
don’t support it yet.

The compilation of tunslip is totally trivial and GCC will be competent:

gcc tunslip.c -o tunslip

because in our project we will use USRT2(on
the Linux board) to connect to the CC2538 board. So first we should start the
UART2 on the Linux board

cd /lib/firmware echo BB-UART2 > $SLOTS

and then auto start tunslip when the power

cd /etc

vim rc.local

add this sentence into the rc.local



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