The 10 Most Incredible Beaches in the World

The 10 Most Incredible Beaches in the World

You love beaches and are already planning your next trip to the seaside? Have you been to one of the amazing beaches yet? If not, what are you waiting for! Pack your bag and get ready for your next adventure. Whether you are looking for a pink beach or glow-in the-dark-water, these stunning places actually exist. Check out the 10 most incredible beaches in the world!

1. Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas


The pink beach consist of tiny pieces of pink corals from a reef not far away which washes the chunks ashore.

2. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives


This is actually explainable even though it seems like the water glows all by itself! Bioluminescent Phytoplankton cause this glow by grouping together and shining it all out…

3. Glass Beach in California


Near Fort Bragg in California this beach looks like a million pieces of glass were being placed on to the ground but there is another, quite sad reason behind this special look: A long time ago, the residents that lived here used to dump all their garbage into the water and it was washed back ashore. The broken glass and other materials were pounded by the water over and over again for ages, so that is why this shore is glassy.

Head to Los Angeles in order to get to beach and spend your day there!

4. Panaluu Black Beach in Hawaii


This beautiful black beach gets its color from the lava that was running into the sea ages ago. Cooling of quickly in the water, the basalt then stayed at the shore, creating this particular sand.

5. Shell Beach in Shark Bay, Australia


As a cockle clam this is just the perfect place to be. Ever. The water around this stunning bay contains natural saline which is something sharks can’t stand. That is why the clams in this area go simply nuts and their shells litter the beach. Even though it is paradoxically called ‘Shark Bay’, you can’t find any around and just enjoy your day with the clams (or what is left of them).

6. Giants Causeway in Ireland


What you see here is cracked lava after it rose to the surface over 50 million years ago!

7. Vik Beach in Iceland


Another magical black beach formed by lava. Iceland has much more to offer though: The Blue Lagoon is perhaps Iceland’s most famous site, and with good reason. The steamy milky blue-green water of this natural geothermal spa will wash away the stress and sore muscles of all who enter. A number of tours from Reykjavik are available to the Blue Lagoon.

8. Hidden beach in Marieta, Mexico


Head out in the morning and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the waters of Banderas Bay on your way to the beautiful Marietas Islands National Park. Spend the morning there, watching for rare species of birds, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters that surround the islands, or relaxing on one of the island’s secluded beaches with your favorite drink.

9. The Beach of the Cathedrals in Ribadeo, Spain


This high, cathedral-look-a-like creation has all been formed by mother nature itself: the water that pounded continuously over the stones during time, has curved the different shapes into the rocks.

10. Dragon Eggs Beach at Koekohle Beach in New Zealand


These stones are surely not real dragon eggs but they go way ahead of our time. The sedimentary rocks are left overs from another land that has been washed away over the years. They could not be removed so the water pounds against them and shapes them into these round forms.


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